My Journey Into Digital

I’ve Started My Digital Adventure!

If you’ve stumbled upon my blog, then welcome! I hope that you enjoy your time here. I’ve started My Digital Adventure as a way to explore my journey as a biology graduate jumping into the world of digital marketing. Currently I am developing the skills required for a professional career in marketing, and I want to share that journey – and the things I learn when I become a professional digital marketer – with others who have similar aspirations.

Initially, I created this blog as a way to practice using Google Analytics without needing to host my own website. This is something that Blogger offers that other free blog hosting sites (e.g. don’t. However, I quickly realised that this would be a great opportunity to share and document my thoughts as I explore some of the tools and strategies in digital marketing, while simultaneously working on my blogging skills and any other aspects of inbound marketing as well. My “digital adventure” actually started far prior to the creation of this blog, but I am in no way an expert, and there’s still plenty for me to learn.

Personal ambitions aside, I hope that I can offer a fresh perspective on the current tools and opportunities in marketing, from the point of view of someone who is relatively new to the field. If anything here can help someone else to get into the digital industry or develop their career, then that’s even better!

That’s it for now, until my next post. If you’ve got any suggestions for the blog, please comment and let me know!


Note: this post was originally published on Blogger, before my digital rebrand.

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