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I’m Now a Digital Marketing Executive!

So, some very exciting news for me: I am now a Digital Marketing Executive at Optix Solutions! I’m actually a bit late posting about this (I’ve now been in this position for around a month), but I’ll blame that on being busy. If you were wondering, this is the same company where I was gaining work experience, so I’m thrilled to be staying on as a proper member of the team! It’s great to have been given an opportunity like this, considering I’m still fairly new to the industry.

As well as my previous post about my work experience, you can read a bit more about me and my experience over at the Optix Solutions blog. As well as that, I’ve written a couple of posts for Unwritten Digital, a blog with some straight-talking digital marketing opinion from the digital team at Optix. Of course, I’ll still be posting updates right here on my personal blog (I’m aiming for one post per month), particularly about the things I learn and my reflections on news and trends in the digital world.

One of the things I want to highlight is this: get experience, try things out, work hard, and your efforts will (hopefully!) be rewarded. Even if you can’t find work experience – I was pretty fortunate in that respect – there are still plenty of things you can do to get started in the digital industry. It’s hard to explain everything that would be useful; just try to explore the industry, the tools that are used, and the latest opinion from experts around the world. If in doubt, Google is your friend.

This is My Digital Adventure for a good reason- don’t be afraid to try things out until you find something that really works.


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