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My Digital Rebrand: Blogger to WordPress

I’m pleased to say that my blog’s had a rebrand! While this blog was previously hosted on Blogger, I’ve now got my very own hosted site (and a pretty nice domain name) built on WordPress- looks a bit more professional, right? For anyone familiar with my old blog, My Marketing Adventure is now My Digital Adventure, which I think more accurately reflects the stuff I’m writing about. (For consistency, I’ve been back through my old posts and updated any references to the old blog name). So, why the change?



The main reason for the change is that I wanted to move on from Blogger. I originally started this blog using Blogger to take advantage of its built-in Google Analytics compatibility, without having to pay to host my own site. If I’m honest, I probably would have gone with otherwise, but that lacks any way to use Google Analytics on the free plan.

That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, however: Blogger is a great platform to quickly and easily get a blog up and running, so you can start publishing content to share with the world. However, while Blogger offers a reasonable amount of design customisation and a few SEO-related tools (e.g. meta descriptions and semi-custom URLs), ultimately there is a limit to the choices you can make. For a ready-to-roll content platform, Blogger isn’t bad by any means… but it can’t quite compete with the alternatives if you want some more advanced options.



This leads us to WordPress. For a bit of clarification before we go any further, is a hosting platform with different pricing options that uses the WordPress content management system (CMS). In contrast, offers just the core WordPress CMS software (what I’m using), which allows you to choose a domain and set up hosting independently of

The beauty of WordPress is the enormous number of options available… and even without any web development skills, you can create one WordPress site that is vastly different to another, depending on how you want the site to look and what its purpose is. If you want any confirmation of that, just look at the stats: WordPress now powers over 26% of the web, and is by far the most used CMS. With thousands of themes and plugins, there really is an option for everyone, and it’s a great choice for those who don’t want or can’t afford a bespoke website.

At its core, WordPress is a blogging platform- so (surprisingly) it’s perfect for my site! I’ve found a theme called Sparkling (after spending rather too many hours searching), and personally I think it looks pretty good- so thanks to the theme-makers for that one, particularly considering it was free! Beyond that, I’ve now got a proper SEO plugin as well as some other tools, and don’t be surprised if I add some extra bits and pieces to the site in coming weeks. Overall, I’m happy with the results of the rebrand… now I just need to keep writing! Any questions or feedback? Let me know in the comments!


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