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My Digital Marketing Work Experience

I want to share some exciting news! I’ve been gaining work experience at Optix Solutions, a digital marketing agency in Exeter. Not only is this a big step towards becoming a professional digital marketer, but it has also given me a chance to work and learn in a real agency environment. So, what has the experience been like, and would I recommend it to anyone else?

I’m pleased to say that the entire experience has been great. So far I’ve been at Optix for around 4 weeks, and already I’ve learned a lot more than I could have done on my own- I’ll be exploring some of the tools and techniques that I’ve used in future posts.

To give a brief overview, I’ve done some outreach, keyword research, backlink auditing, a couple of content plans, and plenty of copywriting. And, with that in mind, I want to highlight one of my favourite things about working at a digital agency: the sheer variety. Aside from the different tasks (which encompass PPC, analytics, content, and SEO), the contrast among different clients is really refreshing. To take content as just one example, I’ve already written about golf, an obstacle course race event, and the heat resistance of silicone. (Admittedly, the latter was a bit more challenging- who knew I’d be delving into chemistry at a digital marketing agency? I’d like to think my science degree helped with that one.)

Personally, I also like the idea of being able to generate some significant and measurable progress, particularly where clients haven’t paid much attention to digital marketing previously. Even more so in the cases where great businesses and charities get more of the attention that they really deserve. Based on this, I’d love the opportunity to work at an agency in the future, even if it doesn’t end up being the first step in my career.

Beyond the work itself, I’ve been fortunate to find myself in an agency with a great culture, and a brilliant set of people. Everyone has been incredibly friendly and helpful, including people who I haven’t even been working with directly. Unfortunately that isn’t true of all workplaces, but it’s made my own experience really positive.
There isn’t necessarily an important message behind this post, beyond documenting my own journey into the world of digital. However, if there are any aspiring marketers out there, I can’t highlight enough how useful it is to get real work experience in a digital marketing agency- so go for it!


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