My Digital Adventure is a blog about my personal journey, ideas, and opinion in the world of digital marketing and beyond. I use this blog to share some the things I learn and tools I use, based on my experience in the field.

In particular, a lot of my posts are aimed at helping any aspiring digital marketers out there… but hopefully I can offer something useful to anyone who wants to brush up on their skills or get another perspective on the digital toolkit.

Anyway, allow me to introduce myself…


Hi, I’m Chris!

My name’s Chris Mastris, and I’m a digital marketer in Exeter, Devon.

Chris Mastris


Digital Marketing?

That’s right! I’m a Digital Strategist at Optix Solutions, a web design and digital marketing agency in Exeter.

I have a range of skills across digital marketing, but PPC and SEO are some of my favourite areas- I like getting into the data and figuring out how things can be optimised. However, I enjoy getting creative with content too. As the title suggests, I’m not just interested in individual tactics; I’ve worked on developing and implementing digital strategies for a range of clients, too.

In addition to the actual digital marketing, as a Digital Strategist I also support my clients in their day-to-day activity and wider digital strategy- whether that’s reporting on performance and activity, providing website support, or wider digital consultancy.

I previously studied biology at the University of Exeter, but ultimately I decided that I wanted to start a career in digital. Although I’m no longer incubating test tubes and writing scientific essays, I’m sure my degree has helped me to hone my analytical mindset and develop a (sometimes irritating) attention to detail. Plus, it means that I’m always happy to dig into some data or set up a split test.


Anything else?

Aside from digital marketing, I like to dabble in programming (mainly Python) and I’m interested in all sorts of other techy things like virtual reality and AI (clich├ęd, I know).

When I’m not reading or looking at a screen, I like to go to the gym or spend some time walking in the great outdoors (usually with a camera).


Find Out More…

Visit my LinkedIn profile for more about my skills and experience. Follow me on Twitter (@Cmastris) for Tweets (unsurprisingly) about digital, tech, and other stuff too.

If you’d like to get in touch, just send me a message!