My Digital Adventure is a blog about my journey, ideas, and opinion in the world of digital marketing and beyond. As well as documenting my personal progress, I use this blog to share the things I learn and tools I use, and generally offer my insight and advice to anyone who wants it.

Allow me to introduce myself…

Chris Mastris


Hi, I’m Chris!

My name’s Chris Mastris, and I’m a digital marketer in Exeter, Devon.


Digital Marketing?

That’s right! I’m a Digital Strategist at Optix Solutions, a web design and digital marketing agency in Exeter.

I have a range of skills across digital marketing, but PPC and SEO are some of my favourite areas- I like getting into the data and figuring out how things can be optimised. However, I enjoy getting creative with content too.

I previously studied biology at the University of Exeter (hence my somewhat scientific mindset), but ultimately I decided that I wanted to start a career in digital.


Find Out More…

Visit my LinkedIn profile for more about what I do, and follow me on Twitter (@Cmastris) for my thoughts on trends in digital (and other stuff, too).

If you’d like to get in touch, just send me a message!